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Designed to help a swimmer build self-confidence, boost self-motivation and offer a whole year of self-discovery.  Choose between 'My Swim Journal' for Club and County Swimmers aged 9-16 yrs, or 'Swim Journal for Adults'.


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Over 350 pages where you can set goals, record your training sessions, plan your races, review what's going well and what there is to improve on. Also splashed throughout are top tips and advice to become the best you can possibly be.


Plus (applies to 9-16yr old Journal only):

A3 Year Planner to keep track of your competitions for the year

A3 Poster to record your times and keep a tally of your medals



35% Discount for 30 Books

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  • 20 copies

    A5 Hardcover Journal, 352 pages

    A3 year planner*

    A3 best times and medal tally poster*

    *9-16yr old Journal only