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The Challenges of Being a Swim Parent

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

What does it takes to be a swim parent? It's a big commitment not only financially and time demanding and it can be emotionally draining too, especially when watching them race!

However, we wouldn't change it for the world would we? This is an amazing sport, one that can be carried on throughout life, an important life skill and an amazing activity to make lifelong friends, pushing yourself to the max and to see parts of the country and world that your peers may never see (albeit mostly the view of an indoor pool but it's still travelling!)

One thing we do know about being a parent is that you are never taught how to be one, it's scary and just when you think you have it sorted it can change just like that and you are back to square one (teenage hormones ring a bell?)

The support network that your young swimmer needs consists of coaches, friends (both in and out the water) and family. This support needs to allow them to be the best they can be, with guidance, support and help when needed. It can be very difficult knowing when to offer support and when to step back and let them find their way.

We have looked at lots of aspects of being a swim parent and designed a useful download for you, looking at how to support, helping them deal with nerves (yes, yours too!), nutrition, training, mindset, goals and much more. There's also Q&A section answering all those popular questions that we often get sent.

Download the pdf here (only £4.95) and we hope this helps you on your swim journey as a parent. Feel free to comment below and do share any funny experiences you have observed.

Good luck to your young swimmer (and to you!)



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