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Order by 16th Dec for Xmas delivery (UK)

A Journal for young athletes, over 350 pages offering a whole year of


& improved performances 

First Edition - 'MY SWIM JOURNAL' 

for Club & County Swimmers

aged 9 -16 years 

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Boost Self-Confidence &

Build Self-Motivation:


* Set goals

* Log your training sessions

* Plan for competitions

* Review your progress


Includes top tips and expert

advice on strokes, race prep,

mindset, land training and lots more...



Wow this is awesome


It's helping her to really focus on her training and also setting herself some goals


My child is so excited to get started

Co-Written by: Katy Sexton MBE OLY 

Britain's first ever female World Swimming Champion, Commonwealth Champion, & Double Olympian

"I wrote diaries throughout my 15 year swimming career, recording everything from resting heart rate to training sessions done, how I felt leading up to competitions and reviewing what went well and what I could improve on. I found them to be an incredibly important contribution to my overall success which helped me achieve world class performances."