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Co-Written by: Katy Sexton MBE OLY 

World Swimming Champion, Commonwealth Champion, & Double Olympian

"Writing diaries throughout my swimming career gave me a greater understanding of my training and racing as well as my personal development. They were an incredibly important contribution towards my overall success."


Journals are key to

developing performance: 

Build Self-Confidence

Boost Motivation

Develop Positivity

Create Understanding


for Club & County Swimmers

aged 9 -15 years

SWIM JOURNAL for adults

Suitable for swimmers aged 16+ from

recreational to competitive swimmers

Adult Swim Journal Mock up_edited.jpg

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

 Bring all aspects of your

training & racing together!

* Set goals

* Develop technique with

lots of tips & advice

* Plan & Log training sessions

* Plan for competitions

* Review progress


Includes top tips and expert

advice on strokes, race prep,

mindset, land training, plus lots more...

We offer Swim Club discounts

for bulk orders, please

contact us for more information



Allie loves her Sports Journal. Been recording her training and racing in a log for 3 years now, but this is definitely the best one. Would highly recommend!


Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given my 12 year old son, the Journal  has been completed every day since getting it. He now wants to do pre-school training on a Monday morning. I am so so grateful, thank you.

My daughter couldn't wait to get started - her motivation is boosted already!


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